Fitness VIP – Personal Training Package

Whatever your objectives, we will give you a tailor made package to help and support YOU all the way to reach your goals.

Get all the motivation, support and knowledge to shift those extra pounds, improve your quality of life, gain extra energy and put you on the path to success.

This package includes

This is what the FitVIP package includes:

  • Individual Goal Setting
  • Two 60-minute PT sessions per week
  • A fully customised home exercise plan to do between PT sessions
  • Weekly review of nutrition and measurements
  • Help with weight loss and management strategies
  • SMS, e-mail or telephone motivational support and monitoring

What we measure

We use state of the art equipment to monitor your progress, including:

  • body fat percentage
  • body water
  • muscle percentage
  • bone mass

and can even send you computer generated charts!


My lower back grumbles a lot less and I get fewer muscle cramps. Also, the day after I feel taller! Cool! Lucilla always has a good sound track that is modern & motivating.

I would definitely recommend these classes to a friend as they are fun, varied and you always feel great (if a little exhausted) after them.

 — Julie, Chingford
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